About The Wholefood Collective

We love a great deal around here, almost as much as we love feeding ourselves and our families top-notch food. We believe that premium organic and natural foods should be a right for all, regardless of budgets! The Wholefood Collective exists to provide these food products to you, without the retail price tag.

When you order with us, you join our group of every day Aussies joining forces to say ‘no’ to hefty price tags for health. Say goodbye to heavy markups! We do this by forming a buying collective. It’s a model of buying whereby we leverage the power of group orders to access great rates. Simple!

And there are major changes in the pipe line – so stay tuned! We’re getting set to make our mark on the Australian health food industry. It’s all a bit exciting. We’ll keep you in the loop if you join us. Just click the ‘join us’ button on the homepage. 

Bring on February 2017!

We geek out at bringing you the best prices, supporting Australian producers, and giving back to the community through our charity partner. Everyone wins! Welcome to the group!

How It All Started

In October 2015 The Wholefood Collective’s founder, Laini, gathered a group of friends and family together to import coconut oil for a better price. There were so many people wanting to jump on board that she had to turn people away. It was then she realised there was a need to meet, and The Wholefood Collective was born.