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Why Additive Free?

An irony of our modern day lifestyles is that we have never had so many conveniences. Yet, at the same time, find ourselves more time poor than ever! Over the last few decades there has been a huge increase in the supply of  convenience foods, and whilst this may have helped juggle the demands on our time… it has come at a cost. Not just a financial cost, but at a cost to our health as well.It is no coincidence that the surge in allergies, anxieties, behavioural disorders, breathing problems, skin conditions and other maladies has risen so dramatically. There is a large body of scientific evidence linking the additives in convenience foods with the increasing prevalence of behavioural and medical conditions.

The good news however, is that there are a growing number of people and organisations who know this and are here to help. Great tasting, wholesome food that is free from additives is readily available.

So Why Start The Additive Free Journey?

Food manufactures put additives in foods for a variety of reasons; to lower the cost of production, lengthen a product’s shelf life and/or trick our tastebuds into craving more. These are just a few of the reasons. Great for the food manufacturer but not so great for our bodies, especially our children. Young minds and bodies are much more susceptible to toxic agents than adults.

Additives can cause numerous issues for our children:

    • Digestive issues (diarrhoea, tummy pains, colicky pains).
    • Nervous disorders (hyperactivity, insomnia, irritability).
    • Respiratory problems (asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis).
    • Skin problems (hives, rashes, eczema).

I personally started my additive free journey nearly ten years ago after the birth of my first child. Seeing him struggle to breathe and realising his asthma had been caused by harmful additives kick started my personal journey. Since then we have been blessed with four more kids who are all affected by additives in different ways, and all have benefited from the additive free journey that our family has been on.

But it’s not just for the kids. Additives can have serious long and short term health impacts on us all, beginning with our moods.

We have two brains, one resides in our head, the other in our gut (men would argue they have a third mind a little lower down but we won’t go into that one!). Our head and stomach “brains” are connected by the vagus nerve.  This nerve is the primary route that gut bacteria use to transmit information to the brain. Toxicity in your gut can flow throughout the body into the brain, causing mood swings and behavioural changes.

Additive free organic baby spinachAll people are impacted, including our youngest, as toxic chemicals can be transferred through the placenta and breast milk to developing brains.

Our bodies are impacted as well. There is an old saying: “let food be thy medicine”. Digestive issues, respiratory problems and skin problems can have a debilitating impact on a family. By removing additives from your family diet you can often reduce or potentially eliminate these symptoms, restoring peace and calm to your family!

By making a few simple changes the immediate benefits will be evident and the long term improvements significant. Just think of the potential money and time saved from reduced doctors visits, pharmaceutical lotions, potions and pills, time off school, time off work, sleepless nights etc. And that’s before we even count the cost of stress and anxiety!

So How Do I Get Started On My Additive Free Journey?

Getting started on an additive free journey might seem a little daunting, but it’s not hard and certainly doesn’t have to be another drain on our otherwise time-stretched lives. Like all change, the key is to take those first couple of steps. These could include: 

Additive Free raw pad thai salad

  1. Introducing more fresh and lightly processed foods into your diet.
  2. Read your labels – if you don’t recognise an ingredient don’t buy it.
  3. Join the Additive Free Kids community group – a great place for free support from hundreds of other mums that are on the same additive free journey.



Francine Bell is the Managing Director of Additive Free Kids, a food coach, mentor and is one of Australia’s leading activists against additives in foods. Francine is a mum to 5 boys and has personal experience working through the damaging effects of additives to resolve the multiple health issues and behavioural problems in her own children. It became Francine’s purpose to help other families achieve the same improvements for their families. These changes can be overwhelming, especially for time poor parents, Francine has done all the hard work for families to ensure they have access to additive free food, anytime, anywhere.  Additive Free Kids specialises in assisting families to live healthy lives free from additives. Visit her website at 




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