Shop 24/7 with Next Day Dispatch!

Being a Collective, we bulk purchase products for our members only.  And being a Collective we’re not in this to make massive profits, we keep prices low and margins slim so more people can afford to buy the best, cleanest food available in Australia.

Members have a voice in The Wholefood Collective and that means we listen to what people want… and then do it!

Not only have we recently introduced shopping online 24/7 and flat rate shipping of $11.95 +GST, but we’ve also just shortened delivery times by introducing next day dispatch (as long as your order is placed by midnight, you’ll get next day dispatch) .  Woohoo!

Australia Wide Delivery at a Flat Rate

You won’t waste your savings on shipping costs here at TWC! We now offer a flat, Australia-wide shipping rate of $11.95 +GST for up to 25kg. That means we deliver to all of the major and minor Australian cities and towns – Broome to Hobart, you’re covered with the one low rate.

Passionate about making healthy food accessible to remote Australian towns, we’ve done our best to create a shipping rate model that enables those living away from main towns the same access the rest of us have.

Here’s some important information you’ll need to consider when placing your order.

Choosing a Delivery Address

Missing deliveries can be annoying. We’re here to help.
1. Choose a delivery address that will have someone there during business hours. Consider a work address, or your local friendly newsagency.
2. Include notes for the driver when you place your order. If you’re happy for your parcel to be left unattended at the front door, or would rather it left around the side of the house, or perhaps with reception at your workplace, just make a note of it at checkout.
3. If you miss a delivery, the driver will leave a card to organise a re-delivery, or they’ll take it somewhere nearby (such as a newsagency), for you to collect at your convenience.

When Your Order is Over 25kg

Our courier drivers are able to lift a maximum of 25kg at a time. To save their backs, we’ll need to split your order into multiple packages of less than 25kg each. Currently, this means a second flat rate of $11.95 +GST.

Got a question not covered here?

Contact us by email or phone anytime.