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Organic Coconut Syrup, Pacific Organics - 200g

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Ingredients: Certified Organic Coconut Syrup

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Our Organic Coconut Syrup, by Pacific Organics, is a natural sweetener extracted in a concentrated form from the sap of the coconut blossom plant. Every four litres of sap is concentrated into one litre of coconut syrup. Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, coconut syrup is a much healthier alternative to conventional sugars or even rice malt syrup or agave. It has a warm toffee-caramel taste, which is perfect for desserts, cereals, pancakes, ice cream or in hot drinks.

Compared to cane sugar, coconut trees produce 50-75% more sugar per acre but use less than one fifth of the soil, nutrients and water, making coconut syrup an extremely sustainable product.

Organic farming uses the best of traditional agriculture and responsiveness to the land to create biodiversity and environmental balance; a sustainable approach free from artificial intervention.


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Size: 200g